Prague Summer (Holiday)

In the Prague Summer of 2004, the surviving Hastalka Balalaika Band members took all of The Hallanshankers Ceilidh Band on a visit to the Czech Republic to revisit their roots.

Happy Memories!
Surprisingly, they found one shop still selling Hastalka tee-shirts and bootleg recordings made during their earlier years

An impromptu concert given in an Irish Pub down a back street attracted a number of devoted followers who had survived the backlash after the nation's favourite band deserted their countrymen. Memories were exchanged, Becherovka was drunk, autographed beer mats sold to the highest bidders and the police called by the neighbours.
Attempts to stage a larger event were abandoned when it became clear that the authorities were unsympathetic to the idea.

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Last modified : 19 Feb, 2009